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A balancing and purifying pre-shampoo treatment. Thanks to its formulation:

Helps to control flaking;
Brings back the scalp’s natural balance.


Whoever has oily scalp or dandruff and ideal for detox treatments.



Apply section by section on dry scalp;
Distribute with a light massage;
Leave 5 minutes;
Add water and rinse.


The formula is enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair and the scalp:


Betaine: molecule obtained from sugar beet that exerts a hydrating effect on the scalp.
Anti-Dandruff Complex: made up of sugars that regulate the production of sebum and help counteract scalp greasiness, unpleasant odours and dandruff.
Activated Bamboo Charcoal: exerts an exfoliating action and leaves scalp free from impurities and excess sebum, whilst also contributing to a reduction in flakiness.
Açaí Extract: boasts antioxidant and sebum-regulating properties.

MOOD Derma Cleansing Pre Shampoo

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