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Are you looking to confidently lock in your hairstyle or any part of it? MOOD Extra Strong Hairspray, known for its powerful, long-lasting hold, ensures your hairstyle stays flawless.


Perfect any hairstyle, like a ponytail, and ensure its lasting hold. 

Get a flawless and long-lasting style.

Enhance definition and provide support.

Say goodbye to those baby hairs.


MOOD Extra Strong Hairspray is perfect for those who want to fix the hair, without weighing it down or making it sticky, for a defined, long-lasting result.



  • Shake well, spray all over hair or an area of interest at a distance of about 30 cm, with dry hair.
  • You can also spray a few pumps of product on your hands and quickly swipe it around the perimeter of your head to eliminate baby hairs.
  • Also perfect for defining crease contouring. You can also spray a few pumps of product on the comb to fix specific points of the hairstyle.
  • To remove it the next day, run the brush through the hair.

MOOD Extra Strong Hairspray 500ml

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