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MOOD Silver Specific Conditioner with blueberry extract and violet pigments.

Its formulation helps:

  • Conditioning and neutralising yellow tones that can dull the vitality of grey and white hair
  • Contrasting undesired warm tones in lifted or bleached hair
  • Leaving hair soft and shiny


Product Ideal For:

  • grey or blond hair.



  • Apply to wet hair after using Silver Specific Shampoo.
  • Massage in
  • Allow it to work for 2 to -3 minutes.
  • Rinse completely



The formula is enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair and the scalp:

  • Blueberry extracts: naturally rich in polyphenols and fruit acids Contrasts yellowing in grey, blond or bleached hair, naturally;
  • Violet pigment: Performs an anti-yellowing action;
    Made from cellulose with a protective filmogenic action on the hair.


All of the products in the Mood Silver Specific line contain Blueberry extracts. They are formulated to cleanse white or grey hair, bleached or very blond hair with yellowish tones. Its function is to naturalise these yellow tones that leave hair looking unkempt.


Dermatologically tested, paraben free.

MOOD Silver Specific Conditioner 400ml

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